Colombia becomes 22nd country in the world to legalize gay marriage.

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Colombia becomes 22nd country in the world to legalize gay marriage.

The Colombian Constitutional Court declared that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional in a 6-3 decision issued Friday, fully legalizing same-sex marriage and restoring benefits to same-sex couples who are already married.

The rights of married same-sex couples in Colombia have been in limbo for years as the Constitutional Court and Congress fought over which should make the decision.

Since 2007, a number of laws were passed in the country that granted things like adoption, pension, health care, and social security rights to same-sex couples, though the government only recognized those relationships as common-law marriages.

“The court’s decision to grant all Colombians, regardless of their sexual orientation, the right to marry the people they love is a landmark move for human rights in the country.”

Couples will be able to marry in as little as 10-30 days, after the court’s ruling is published.


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