‘Psychic’ arrested after charging $41,000 to remove ‘evil spirits’

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‘Psychic’ arrested after charging $41,000 to remove ‘evil spirits’

An East Rutherford woman who operated as a psychic out of an office on Fairview Avenue was arrested this week after a client told police she gave the woman $41,000 to remove spirits from her life, police said Thursday.

The victim said she began to meet with Holly Stanley, 25, in March for help with personal matters. She paid Stanley $100 for a crystal ball reading, police said.

“At the conclusion of the crystal ball reading, Ms. Stanley told the victim that there were spirits affecting her life,” Paramus Police Chief Kenneth R. Ehrenberg said in a statement.

Stanley told the victim she needed $5,000 to remove the spirits, Ehrenberg said.

The victim, who is from Glen Rock, paid the money, according to the chief.

After several more psychic sessions, Stanley allegedly told the victim she needed an additional $36,000 to help her.

“The victim gave Stanley the money,” the chief said.

On or about April 7, Stanley told the victim more money was needed to remove an unwanted spirit, according to Ehrenberg.

“Stanley at this time asked for an additional $90,000,” the chief said.

Instead of paying the money, the victim became suspicious and went to police several days later.

After an investigation, Stanley was arrested at the Paramus Police Department and charged with theft by deception.

She was released on $5,000 bail.

Police ask anyone with information about Stanley or the case to call them at 201-262-3400.

Source: http://bit.ly/1Ric32F

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