Spanish matador gored to death in bullfight live on TV.

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Spanish matador gored to death in bullfight live on TV.


A well-known matador has been killed during a bullfight in eastern Spain, the first such incident to occur in the country this century.

The fight was taking place at the festival Feria del Angel in Teruel, during an event which was being shown live on TV.

Professional bullfighter Victor Barrio, 29, was killed by a bull which flipped him over with a horn, then continued to gore and push him along the ground.

Bystanders immediately rushed to help but Mr Barrio had already sustained severe injuries. Doctors were unable to save him and he died in hospital.

The festival was suspended after the incident, which was broadcast live on Spanish television.

The bull was called Maños, according to El Mundo, and weighed 529 kilos.

Televison footage of the event showed Maños with several spears already hanging from his back.

Tributes poured in from Spain, with politician Cristina Cifuentes writing:  ‘”All my love to your family and friends”.

However, others were more critical of Mr Barrio.

Bullfighting is a controversial sport but deaths of Matadors are rare. The last to die in Spain was Jose Cubero in 1985.


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