Creators of the Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Charged With Felony.

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Creators of the Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Charged With Felony.

Two of the individuals responsible for the anti-abortion and anti-planned parenthood recordings of Planned Parenthood employees have been charged with 15 felonies, according to The Associated Press. The two were heavily involved in the recordings that attempted to expose what they believed to be damning evidence against the very popular healthcare organization, although many view their efforts as a bid to mislead and smear the company.

The names of these two are Daniel Daleidan and Sandra Merrit. The two set up a fake biomedical research company which they called the “Center for Medical Process.” The two have been charged with 15 counts of recordings of individuals without first receiving their consent, and one of criminal conspiracy. If Daniel and Sandra are convicted, they will face several thousands of dollars worth of fines or even several years in prison.

Their fake company, the Center for Medical Process, had released several videos showing Planned Parenthood in the act of selling fetal tissue as medical waste to the fake firm.
Planned Parenthood has since defended their statements, saying they were not selling baby parts, but instead negotiating for transport reimbursement of the tissues, which they say are used for medical research into solutions for HIV/AIDS. However, many Republicans including the former HP CEO Carly Fiorina and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas continue to express that they disagree, and that baby parts were being sold.

Fiorina even continually referenced a supposed portion of a video where the abortionist had stated that the child, born alive, must be kept alive to harvest its viable parts. However, nothing in the released footage showed this graphic scene. Republicans continued to use this “evidence” to launch investigations into Planned Parenthood using taxpayer dollars. A million dollars later, none of these investigations revealed any wrongdoing. Regardless of a lack of proof, the Republicans continue to pursue any avenue possible to defund Planned Parenthood.

Although it will certainly take time for the claims and accusations leveled against Planned Parenthood to heal, and the public’s opinion to reconcile the different claims they heard over the last year, supporters of the organization can at least find some comfort in knowing some of the perpetrators are facing justice for their wrongdoings.


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